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To welcome you back safely onto your mat back there are some guidelines I would like you to have a read through before attending class

Yoga at Home



Before Class

- To protect our yogi community if you have any symptoms associated with COVID -19 or have been in contact with anyone who has I insist that you do not attend any classes until you have isolated for 14 Days


- Classes must be booked on my website prior to arrival, no cash payments allowed at the studio space

- I encourage you to bring your own mat and any equipment that you may need for your class and i ask that you sanitise your mat/equipment before arrival and after class at home. If you'd like to invest in your own quality mat i have some available on my website

- You will be expected to wait outside the studio before class, honouring social distancing guidelines of 1m between each person.

- Wear a face mask on entry

- I will open the door for you to enter

 - Upon entry there will be hand sanitiser available at the door, please use this & register at the desk. Please feel free to bring your own onto your mat

- Remove any jackets & shoes and place on the hooks & shoe rack. Please keep socks on to walk to your mat & then remove them once on your mat. 

- Place the front of your mat on the black strip on the floor, all mats are spaced 2m apart. 

- During class I will not be offering any physical adjustments and will walking around at a minimum

- Enjoy your practice & us all being together again!


- Once the class has finished pop your socks back on, roll up your mat & head back to the reception area


- Grab your belongings, the door will be open for you to leave quickly & safely


- With social distancing regulations there is a maximum capacity of 19 for Yoga & 8 for Barre 

- Classes will have a 15 minute gap to reduce footfall in the reception area

- Please only bring what is absolutely necessary to class

- Between classes the studio space & all door handles will be sanitised

At the Studio

Extra Info

If you have any concerns prior to attending class or after class please feel free to contact me. I want you (and me) to as feel safe & comfortable as possible! 


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