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Baby & Me Yoga

Baby & Me Yoga

A Yoga class for you with baby

by your side.

When you’ve got a new baby, you don’t have much chance to think about anything other than them.

Being in charge of a new life is all-consuming, so it’s no wonder your focus is on your little one.

Joining a Baby & Me Yoga class gives you a full, interruption-free hour to reconnect with yourself, embrace your incredible postnatal body and prioritise you, with baby right by your side. 


PLEASE NOTE: Vanessa Flow Baby & Me Yoga Classes are suitable from 8 weeks after vaginal birth & 14 weeks after a tummy birth. Dads & Grandparents Welcome too!


Block Booking

5 classes for £40

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Single Class


Leave feeling revived and restored!

Safely regain your strength, pelvic floor and relieve your achy shoulders while connecting with your baby.


This gentle and restorative postnatal class focuses on healing and relaxing your body and mind after birth.

Upcoming Courses

What are the benefits of

Baby & Me Yoga?

  • Ease the aches and pains of carrying baby round and recovering from birth

  • Heal your post-birth body and rebuild your strength

  • Improve bladder control

  • Feel confident in your amazing new body

  • Connect with baby

  • Feel relaxed and calm

  • Do something to help nourish you

  • Meet other local mums (why not head out for a coffee after?)

Sing, giggle and move!

Your post-natal yoga class is designed around you and your baby.


Postures keep baby by your side, underneath you and in your arms, adapting our practice to make sure baby is having lots of fun while you do something positive for your mind and body. 

You'll sing, make sounds and do a little bit of baby yoga to help soothe baby as well! 



I really enjoy Vanessa’s Baby & Me yoga class. It allows me to have some “me” time each week which is rare, even though your baby is still with you! Vanessa does a great job of incorporating the babies into the routines whilst focusing on making sure mum is okay. I always leave feeling really relaxed, even after a night of no sleep! 


Baby & Me yoga class at Vanessa Flow is a great way to practice yoga and do something for yourself and my baby enjoys it too as it’s an interactive and playful class. The studio is beautiful, the atmosphere is relaxed and it’s lovely to meet fellow mums. It’s an hour a week that we look forward too! 


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Breastfeeding-friendly yoga classes

We are proud to be a breastfeeding-friendly venue! We welcome breastfeeding in our Mum and Baby Yoga Classes.


We're here to make you and baby comfortable - it's

your time together in a safe space, so feed and nurse your baby freely whenever you need to!

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