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An authentic experience in a welcoming space


In the heart of the Ribble Valley, discover a gorgeous, warm and welcoming space where you’ll unlock your inner calm and escape the challenges of daily life.


Our beautiful Clitheroe Yoga studio is home to rewarding and relaxing classes to make you feel fantastic, as well as a curated collection of Yoga apparel, mats, and gifts. 


From gentle Vinyasa flow sessions and soothing pregnancy Yoga to delightfully intense barre workouts, there’s a class that’s perfect for you, right here in our Ribble Valley Yoga studio.


You’ll find our spacious, airy, and inviting studio above The Beauty Boutique.


It’s a wonderful sanctuary, but it’s also so much more.


It’s a place for everyone. A space where you shut out the world, shed your self-consciousness, and feel surrounded by friends and encouragement. 


You may enter the studio feeling stressed, but you’ll leave feeling calm, relaxed, and energised.  



“Vanessa Flow Yoga studio is committed to help MODERN people discover FREEDOM & HAPPINESS through MOVEMENT & wellbeing classes that are always WELCOMING & ENCOURAGING


Owner: Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Pre & Postnatal Yoga & Barre


Clitheroe born and raised, I spent 10 years working in the dance industry before discovering yoga. 


Feeling the pressure to be perfect in the world of dance, my first ever yoga class was a revelation. Yoga felt fun and challenging, without the pressure to look like the person next to you. 


Dance is still a passion , but yoga is my life. It won’t ever stop me boogying on the dance floor though!


I teach Vinyasa Flow, where you’ll flow from one posture to another using your breath as a guide. I put my heart and soul into every class, meeting you wherever you’re at and supporting you to grow in confidence, flexibility, and strength.

My classes are energising, rewarding, and fun – you’ll join an incredibly supportive community and realise "it's yoga practice, not yoga perfect!"


You'll roll up your mat feeling more balanced, calm and connected, ready to face anything.

Rebecca Headshot.jpeg

Teacher: Beginners Basics, Warrior Flow & Let's Flow


I’m Rebecca, a mum, wife & dog mum too! Just like Vanessa I'm a professionally trained dancer & actress. Over the last 20 years i've worked consistently in television industry & throughout it all yoga was there for me.


6 years ago after giving birth to my son I came back to yoga with a different approach. I started to explore the practise both spiritually and emotionally and then found a new passion in the practice as it healed me on many levels.

As my spiritual and physical practice developed, I decided to embark on a 300hr teacher training course in Vinyasa Flow (Hatha) with YogaLoft Manchester, studying under my mentors Kevin and Teresa Dennison. I got so much knowledge and pleasure from my original teacher training, I then went onto to do a further 300 hr Advanced teaching certificate and explored the style of Yin during that time. 

My love for dance is mirrored through my teaching, within my Vinyasa flow i love to embody the grace and fluidity but it will also challenge you physically. The two main styles of Yoga that influence my teaching are Ashtanga and Jivamukti.


I love to lives by the mantra; This is your practice and your journey, so go for it as this is not a rehearsal! 

Yoga Photo.jpg

Teacher: Beginners Flow


I specialise in Vinyasa Flow Yoga and qualified in 2021 after many years of personal practice.


I'm so passionate about encouraging you to move your body, breaking out of those sedentary lifestyles we lead to feel the incredible physical benefits of movement. 


I also love to create a space where you have the power to still your mind and make time to dedicate to you.

I live in Whalley with my husband Ed and daughter, Esme, enjoying cooking, walking in the Ribble Valley and lots of yoga!


Teacher: Pilates


I grew up in the Ribble Valley and after trying out a Pilates class at 16 it became the heart of my fitness regime! So during my gap year I trained with Cherry Baker Modern Pilates. I have since developed a fun contemporary style to teaching, I like to layer each exercise to make sure everyone in class is challenged in a safe space!

I studied Human Nutrition at university and I’m now completing a MSc in Dietetics. I also work as a Nutritionist alongside teaching Pilates and the two really do go hand in hand! If you haven’t already tried Pilates there’s no time like the present - it’s fun, functional and a fab workout (not that I’m biased). So if you’re wanting to get fitter and feel better in yourself, physically and mentally, come along!

Aerial Yoga .jpg

Teacher: Aerial Yoga


Hi, I’m Ana and im excited to join this beautiful Yoga family.


Over the last 8 years I've been training and teaching Aerial Arts (Hoop and Silks). This demanding skill taught me so much about my body and mind, such as  appreciating everything it is capable of, if I look after it and treat it with respect.


As my journey continues to develop I have expanded into Aerial Yoga - a much more mindful approach to the normal stamina intense silks, where we can instead enjoy the stretch, flex and strength that it builds on whilst making the most of support that fabric will provide


I cannot wait to start sharing this passion with you


Teacher: Kundalini Yoga


Yoga has been a loyal companion from which I have benefitted for over twenty five years. For fifteen of those years I solely practiced Iyengar yoga, with its focus on detailed correctness, technique and postural alignment. All yoga has a transformational core, however it wasn’t until my first experience of kundalini that my perception of yoga had a complete shift. It resonated with me on many levels almost immediately and over the years it has helped to cultivate an inner awareness of Being and a deeper sense of self. Basically, I started to get to know myself underneath all the mental noise.

For me, it is a spiritual practice and also a ‘felt’ one which sometimes can only be understood by the experience of it.

Travelling to Nepal in 2019 to take a 200hr teacher training in order to explore the depths of this ancient practice a little more has now given me the opportunity to share the benefits of kundalini with others so that they too can take from it what they need.
Which hopefully is to essentially become more skilful in the art of living, to feel lighter, more joyous, calmer and more at peace.

Sat Nam


Teacher: Tai Chi


I had my two daughters in my early twenties, with the intention to give my girls the best start, I began daily meditation and read a lot, to further explore the world of energy, health and healing. I became a reiki master and added colour therapy, crystal healing, Indian head massage and guided visualisation teacher to my qualifications.

2009 saw my return to Taekwon-Do training. The knowledge now gained made me more aware of how martial art training promoted health by being a grounding practise, as confidence, strength, skill, and focus is naturally increased through training. From here a profound and deep passion began to grow.


In 2014 I travelled to Kunyu Mountain in China to train with the Shaolin Monks. An amazing life changing experience from which I came home and opened my own martial arts school whilst studying under Master Jason Chan to become a teacher of the Infinite Arts: Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Meditation. My passion is in sharing these graceful and transformational movements with

Julie Yoga.jpg

Teacher: Gentle Yoga


I spent over 30 years in a corporate work environment before I found my passion for yoga and my Purpose in life – to help others feel better. Yoga has helped me to find myself and process difficult life experiences, which is one of the reasons I decided to train as a yoga teacher. I now share my gift with people to show them a pathway and ability to process experiences on their journey to enhanced well-being.

I started practicing yoga in 2019 and during lock-down asked myself what I really wanted to do, my answer was to be teaching yoga on a beach in five years’ time, so I signed up with the British Wheel of Yoga to complete my 500 hour diploma in teaching. I have yet to nail my beach…. I left the corporate world in 2021 and now teach mindful Hatha yoga; focussing on pranayama, asana and relaxation.

I’m passionate about helping people move, breath and relax. You can’t decide the length of your life but you can control its quality; you can influence your mood, your pain levels and your flexibility with yoga.

My classes are suitable for all levels of yogi, as we move through each posture in stages, so you can practice at level that suits you. All my classes end with a long guided relaxation so you can leave your mat feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.


““We envision an inspired community of FREE, HAPPY people, who love to UNPLUG and MOVE

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