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New To Yoga: Where on earth do you start?

With so many options, you may feel overwhelmed,. Have a read through of all our current class offerings the which classes match what your looking for! 

There is a class for everyone.


Wake Up Flow

Ditch feeling sluggish & unmotivated, roll out your yoga mat & start your day off feeling fabulous!

This class is a traditional approach to a morning practice, designed to enhance strength & flexibility through a flowing sequence of sun salutations & energising yoga postures.

 Leave feeling refreshed & ready to reset your day. Starting it off feeling focused & strong!

Suitable for everyone but knowledge of yoga is beneficial!

Gentle Yoga

 Aching joints & struggling to find a gentle, inclusive & welcoming form of movement to stay active? Our Gentle Yoga practice is back & joint friendly, slower paced with no fast transitions or scary shapes! 

Help ease aches & pains, connect with your breath to keep your energy flowing. Through a series of yoga postures designed to keep what you've got healthy & mobile, working with any injuries or limitations we listen deeply to the body.

Wake from therapeutic relaxation feeling the vitality & clarity that yoga brings to your life.


Perfect if you are:

- Recovering from surgery/ injury/ illness

- Brand new to yoga

- Suffer with chronic pain

- Not very active


 All welcome

Kundalini Yoga Stretch Pose
Kundalini Yoga Class


Do you crave stability and strength?

Pilates is a series of 34 exercises that focus on building strength in the core and the major muscle groups. It also works to improve posture, flexibility and mobility and is very much about lengthening what you strengthen! Elysias classes provide variety and cater to different abilities.


Leave knowing full well you're gonna feel it tomorrow after having 45 mins of fun self care and the opportunity for personal development.


 All welcome

Restorative Aerial Yoga

Stressed & looking for a fun, yet deeply calming alternative to find inner calm?

Our Monday evening aerial yoga class has a focus on restorative, gentle and mindful movements rather than fancy shapes. We enjoy more time in Savasana and introduce props such as bolsters and blankets to create a sense of calm while allowing the body to experience deep rest and relaxation.


Having been soothed & gentle rocked you’ll feel calm & a deep sense of “ahhhh”


All welcome


Tai Chi

Feeling off balanced & disconnected from the world around you? 

Described as ‘meditation’ in motion, our “Tai Chi” class will encourage graceful & powerful movement whilst you become aware of an energy field that surrounds everything, including you.


Gradually connecting with this energy field, you begin to heal yourself on many levels as you witness your body becoming stronger, emotions calmer and more centered and the mind focused and clear.

All welcome

Lets Flow

Stuck in a mundane routine with not enough opportunity to move, express yourself and feel free. 

Our “Lets Flow” class takes you on a journey of self discovery, finding your strengths and embracing your imperfectly perfect flaws . Allow yourself to truly connect to the love of movement by syncing movement & breath together.

Leave feeling creative, challenged and accomplished!


Some Yoga Experience Desirable 

Yoga Pose

Yin Yoga

If you feel stressed, are constantly rushing around & never have a moment to be still and be on your own, Yin Yoga will provide you with the luxury to  do exactly that.


Give yourself permission to stop, feel into what’s happening in any given moment & be with yourself for an interrupted hour. Yin Yoga works deeply meditative floor based postures and long holds.

Come out feeling incredibly relaxed, prepared for a good night’s sleep after having released physical tension and relaxed your entire nervous system. 


All welcome

Kundalini Yoga

Feeling stuck and a bit dull? This practice is all about shifting your energy & raising your vibration up through your body.

Stimulate the nervous system and glandular systems in a specific way to release tension & stress, Whilst cultivating a deep sense of inner awareness and connection with yourself.

Classes are a balance of heat & heart so that you leave with a warm glow.

Come out feeling buzzed, blissed and on a crazy yoga high. 

All welcome


Lacking strength, muscle tone & the opportunity to have a good workout without having to run or jump?

Using a fixed ballet barre to perform a series of repetitive low-impact movements at varying intensities, working the muscles to burn fat and sculpt the body to it’s max.

You’ll have the best time & be amazed at the burn created by just using body weight.

All welcome


HOT Sequence

Tight muscles, full of tension & an overactive busy mind?


Step into the heat & create space in your physical body through a cardiovascular workout. Use the 38C temperature to get a little deeper into postures, increase your heart rate & create a mental challenge to help distract that internal dialogue.


You’ll feel that release of feel good endorphins & be super proud of yourself & ready for a good shower! 

All welcome


Yoga For All

New to yoga & want to take things steady to really feel into the positions? 

You'll find comfort in familiarity, with a similar sequence each week which will help you develop your practice through repetition of our well known yoga postures. This class doesn't include any "Vinyasas" making it more of a shoulder friendly practice.

You'll leave feeling balanced, relaxed & free of tension.


All welcome

Kunda Flow

Drained & bored of the same old routine? This class is kundalini yoga practice in a flow style. of Weaving movement, mudra (hand gestures) mantra, meditation & breathwork to take you on an energetic journey through the chakras.


By sequencing FLOW with moments of stillness it invigorates & revitalizes quickly, releasing tension and relieving stress.

Helping to cultivate mental strength & balance to improve focus, clarity and awareness.

All welcome

Image by Anton Shuvalov

Relaxing Flow

If you are struggling to sleep at night & find it difficult to unwind, get your pjs on, this class will teach you how to relax.

With half gentle movement & half guided relaxation/ Yoga nidra, this class is a gentle, relaxing flow to ease away any tension from the day, mainly floor based postures with a guided relaxation & a lovely long soothing savasana at the end, so bring a blanket to get cosy!


Float home wishing you could have just stayed led on the floor wrapped in your duvet, it will be your fave class in no time!


All welcome

Mandala Flow

Ready to bring a sense of balance into your life and embrace all the qualities of nature?  Mandala Yoga explores the Earth, Water, Fire & Air elements through movement (yin & yang) & breathwork.

We move 360° around the mat and flow through asanas, build up to inversions & have moments of introspection. You’ll connect to the elements within and find a deeper self through a constant synchronization of movement & breath.


You’ll connect to the elements within you and find a deeper self through a constant synchronisation of movement & breath. Leave feeling energetically balanced & ready to start the weekend.


Most suitable for those with some previous yoga experience or a willingness to explore. 

Practising Yoga at Home

Aerial Yoga

Wanting some fun & to feel carefree like a child again? Swap your yoga mat for a silk hammock suspended from the ceiling to provide support through your yoga practice & a good giggle!

A dynamic class focused on increasing confidence in more complex inversions and poses. You will be guided through a series of deep stretches and flow using the hammock for stability and then be introduced to moves which include standing, inverting and wrapping to create the most wonderful shapes. You'll experience a deep sense of calm whilst you enjoy savanasa suspended & rocked in your silk.


It's not your average yoga practice but it will certainly help improve your flexibility, strength & build confidence. It can help lengthen and decompress the spine & improve core strength all whilst being a low-impact form of movement & exercise. 


All welcome

Warrior Flow

Lacking structure, feeling lost & in need of some tough love? Warrior Flow is a balanced class offering a set sequence from the Jivamukti method.

It moves you through intention, chanting, asana, meditation and relaxation to allow you to focus your mind, move your body and deepen your spiritual practice.


This class enables students to find consistency and progression within their practice through a set sequence by offering a grounding yet dynamic class.

Most suitable for those with some previous yoga experience or a willingness to explore. 

Image by Katie Bush

HOT "Lets Flow"

Enjoy a challenge? Feel stronger & more flexible with an all round body/mind workout. 

Our HOT “Lets Flow” dynamically syncs postures & breath together in a creative flow. A complete contrast to our "Hot Sequence" this practice is constantly changing with downward dogs, vinyasas and arm balancing asanas.

There is a strong focus on pranayama (breath control) throughout your hot yoga practice. It’s key! Research has shown the body is more able to take a deeper breath under hot conditions & therefore increasing your lung capacity.

The studio will be heated up to 35 degrees (slightly cooler to “HOT Sequence”) via our infrared system which will heat your body allowing you to get a little deeper into postures, increase your heart rate & create a mental challenge to help distract a busy mind. 

You’ll sweat like crazy & feel immensely proud as you roll up your mat!

Some Yoga Experience Desirable  

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