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Pregnancy Yoga

Ease ache and pains, prepare for birth, and make new friends


Pregnancy is a powerful experience, and right now you're experiencing many new mental and physical challenges.


However you feel when you step into our studio, you’ll step out feeling positive and relaxed.

PLEASE NOTE: Pregnancy yoga classes are suitable from 14 weeks to full term.


Hey lovely, want to ease those aches and pains?

Start now with a FREE 1 Hour Pregnancy Class in your inbox to feel more comfortable and positive

Feel at ease in our friendly and inviting atmosphere

Connect with new friends and find the time and space to focus on you and your baby.


Pregnancy Yoga helps you embrace the changes in your mind and body, preparing you for birth through breathing techniques, movement and relaxation.

Yoga Class
Prenatal Yoga Class

Block Booking


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Single Class

Your Clitheroe pregnancy Yoga classes

will empower you to...

  • Ease your aches and pains to make daily life more comfortable

  • Strengthen the muscles you’ll use in birth (to ease labour and connect to the pelvic floor) 

  • Learn helpful breathing techniques for a more positive birth experience

  • Feel more confident and prepared for labour

  • Learn active birth positions for an empowered and more connected labour

  • Alleviate anxiety, stress, and low mood

  • Sleep better

  • Discover your inner strength and warrior 

  • Connect with new friends

Up Coming Courses

Pregnancy Dates
Yoga Pose

New to yoga? Come on in!


Starting a new class feels intimidating sometimes, especially when you're at your most vulnerable.


You'll soon see it's the opposite in our Clitheroe Yoga studio!


Your antenatal yoga classes are fun, welcoming and relaxed, with zero experience necessary.


You'll be part of a small group and feel instantly at ease, ready to create bonds with other mums-to-be!

Yoga Asana
Breathing Meditation

Jouisse, Pregnant Yogi

Vanessa's pregnancy yoga classes are amazing; she has such a calming influence and explains the movements in an easy to understand way, how each move helps your body and which moves will help in labour. She teaches different breathing techniques that not only are for use during yoga but can also be adopted in labour to help with pain management. 


She offers different levels of intensity for certain moves depending on how energetic you are feeling on the day, which is often very handy, as anyone who is pregnant will tell you, energy levels can differ greatly from day to day. I couldn't recommend Vanessa's classes more and think all pregnant women should give it a go.


Kateryna, Pregnant Yogi

I took online Pregnancy Flow class and it was great! Totally recommend, Vanessa is very nice and professional. Very good experience with technical side of booking online class - super easy and as an option you get a reminder a day before via sms.

Bridge Pose

Nicola, Pregnant Yogi

Lovely gentle pregnancy yoga class via Zoom. Very relaxing and is really helping to ease the aches and pains & even little relief from the dreadful sciatica. Would 100% recommend

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