Pregnancy Yoga


Pregnancy is the perfect time to do Yoga

 Take some well deserved “time out” to focus on you & your growing baby. Use yoga to help you adapt to pregnancy with ease & comfort by learning different breathing techniques, movement & relaxation.

  • Connect with Your Breath, Body & Baby.

    Starts Mar 29

    46 British pounds

PLEASE NOTE: Vanessa Flows' Pregnancy Yoga Classes are suitable from 14 Weeks to Full Term.

Don't Worry If You Haven't Done Yoga Before!


It's not scary & in-fact these antenatal yoga classes are fun, welcoming & relaxed!


There will be a small group of us so hopefully, so you will be able to make friends with other mums to be!

Tree Pose

You will also benefit from:

A guest Hypnobirthing teacher

A Relaxing Sound Bath

10% OFF Baby Go Products

Private Facebook Group Invitation

Recordings of Each Class to practice in your own time!

Prenatal Yoga
  • Connect with your baby

  • Learn Different breathing techniques

  • Ease tension & build strength for labour and birth

  • Relax with a guided visualisations

  • Meet other Mums-to-Be

  • Adapt to the physical changes of your beautiful body

  • Prepare your body for birth

  • Learn different birthing positions

  • Pelvic Floor Awareness & Exercises

  • Connect with Your Breath, Body & Baby.

    Starts Mar 29

    46 British pounds

Baby Go Classes

Vanessa Flow Yoga is an Affiliate of Baby Go UK, an English Company who are committed to helping more pregnant ladies to be healthier by providing quality Birthing Balls, Pregnancy Belts & Many More Products for Mum-to-Be.

Baby Go has teamed up with Vanessa Flow Yoga to offer Pregnancy Yoga Classes Online!

45Mins of Yoga & 15Mins Q&A Opportunity

SATURDAYS: 11:30am-12:30pm

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