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Pricing Remodel

First of all i just want to thank-you. We couldn't be more grateful for the beautiful community we have built so far and the practice we continue to develop together at Vanessa Flow Yoga Studio, so thank-you for being a part of it.

The studio's journey so far hasn't been easy, after our first month open we had to close due to lockdown. We worked incredibly hard to continue to provide classes that continued to help you find a sense of freedom and make you feel connected throughout. We ran a full schedule of live zoom classes, free classes and we also created our on-demand library "Flow at Home" during this time.

We've heard incredible success stories since re-opening of how Yoga has & still continues to make an impact on your life. It's shown to us that what we are offering is making a difference and the benefits you can get from a regular Yoga practice are life changing.

We've reached a time in our business to make some changes to our pricing structure. These changes are to help you get the most out of your investment in your health & so that we can continue to provide you with a professional and beneficial Yoga experience.

Why Are We Making Changes?

  1. Consistency is key. For you to feel and see the benefits of a Yoga practice we advise you to attend 2 classes a week. We want you to feel better and we can't provide that in one single session. By committing to a weekly Yoga practice we will get to know you and therefore, are more able to guide you along the way to help you discover all the benefits Yoga has to provide.

  2. To give you more control and freedom. Drop-in classes will be easier to reschedule and cancel via our new booking system and app. Our class pass will have way more flexibility and we will easily be able to freeze your monthly membership if you have holidays planned for a maximum of 1 month per year.

  3. Improving our services. We are constantly growing and developing as a studio, team and platform. Our booking system has been updated so we can provide you with a better booking experience, our teachers pay is increasing & we have lots of exciting plans in the pipeline.

Our *NEW* Optimised Pricing

On the 21st of June, our prices will change like this:

  • Drop In price WAS £9 and will NOW be £15

  • 6 Class Pass WAS £46 (8 weeks to use) and will NOW be a 10 Class Pass for £110 (1 Year to use)

  • Private Classes WERE £30ph or 4 for £115 and will NOW be £50ph or 4 for £160

PLEASE NOTE: Any current or existing "6 Class Passes" will still be able to be used until they expire or run out.

What's staying the same?

Our "21 Day Intro Pass" is staying exactly the same and "V Flow Membership" is just getting better! As well as Unlimited classes you'll also get:

  • Full access to the "Flow at Home" on demand library

  • 15% OFF "Vanessa Flow Yoga" Events & Workshops

  • 10% OFF clothes in the shop

  • Tri-Monthly "Members Only" Workshop

  • A 1 Month Membership FREEZE per year

These changes will come into effect as of the 21st of June.

Thank-you once again for being a valued member of our community and if you have any questions please contact:

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