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The Ultimate Guide To Your First Yoga Class

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

You’ve thought about trying yoga for ages but worry you’re not bendy or zen enough to get through a single class.

I’ll tell you a secret: you’re not alone because most people share the same fears and insecurities before stepping into a yoga studio.

So, to reassure and prepare you for your first journey onto the mat, here’s your ultimate guide on what to expect from your first yoga class at our Clitheroe studio.

What to wear to your first yoga class

Getting dressed for your first yoga class is all about comfort and flexibility.

Whether you wear your gym kit or loose-fitting layers, you want to feel free and relaxed in your clothing.

As soon as you enter the studio, you’ll take your shoes off and store them in your own spot in our welcome area. Most of us do yoga barefoot so don’t worry about your footwear as you arrive (some people like to wear sandals that are quick and easy to slip on and off).

During most yoga classes, you’ll warm up at some point, so layers are great for regulating your body temperature as you flow through different postures.

After the active part of the class, we’ll settle into a lovely savasana (lying down on your mat in peaceful relaxation). So, bring an extra layer to stay toasty during this section.

What to bring to your first yoga class

Have you ever eyed up yoga mats or found yourself confused by the different props available?

Yoga props like blocks, bolsters, and straps are fantastic, but we don’t expect you to turn up for your first class with the full collection. By all means, bring what you have, but it’s not expected.

You can borrow a prop at any time if you need it, and we’ll show you what they’re for and how they might support you during your practice.

Got your own yoga mat? Great! Bring it along and unroll it in your chosen spot. If not, borrow one of ours while you try yoga, then invest in your own later.

The main thing to bring is yourself, so don’t let any worries about equipment prevent you from coming along and experiencing yoga for the first time.

Things to expect from yoga

Making it to your first-ever yoga class is an incredible thing to do for yourself.

Here are a few things to expect from your first class.

· Challenges

Your first yoga class should challenge your mind and body in a calm and supportive way. After all, a challenge is a fabulous thing.

If you’re used to demanding exercise regimes, you may find yoga a different kind of challenge. So, my advice is to embrace it and see where it takes you.

· Imperfect breathing

Breathing is an integral part of yoga, so give yourself time to get used to this.

I’ll guide you to think about your breath and move with it, but you’ll probably breathe in when I’m breathing out sometimes – this is completely normal!

Don’t cut off your air supply to follow my lead. Instead, simply be aware of your breath and work towards aligning your movements with it in your own time.

· Feeling “new”

There’s this idea that being new at something is bad, and we often want to skip to the next level. I want to encourage you to embrace being a beginner at yoga. It’s an exciting thing to be! Everyone was a beginner once, even your yoga teacher.

The amazing thing about being a beginner at yoga is that you get to explore your mind and body, try new things, open yourself up to the experience and make it completely your own. So, rather than comparing your downward-facing dog to the person next to you, focus on yourself, embrace the wobbles, and find what feels good for YOU.

· Surprising aches

If your idea of fitness up to now has been more about squats and weights, you may expect yoga to be a gentle stretch.

Coming to the mat with this mentality may result in some surprising aches when you wake up the next morning!

Things NOT to expect from your first class

Here are a few things NOT to expect at your first yoga class (otherwise, you may be disappointed!

· You’ll do a headstand

Impressive positions like headstands are a great goal to aim towards, but as a beginner, you’re best to take things at your own pace and lower your expectations to open yourself up for discovery and growth.

· You’ll wake up with a “yoga body”

If you’re entering the studio for the first time expecting to transform physically after one practice, you’ll be disappointed.

Instead of focusing on aesthetic changes to your body, notice how you feel and stay aware of the changes in your abilities and attitudes with every class.

· You’ll clear your mind

While we strive for peace and stillness in parts of our yoga practice, clearing your mind is HARD, especially if you’re not used to practising meditation or mindfulness.

Be curious, be led by your yoga teacher, and see how you feel – if your mind wanders, bring it back – this is all part of the process. You haven’t failed if you start planning what to have for tea during your savasana stretch at the end!

· All your problems will melt away

Don’t get me wrong, yoga is BRILLIANT for your mental health.

But it’s not a solve-all. While it absolutely supports your wellbeing, life is still challenging, so don’t expect yoga to solve all your problems. Think of it as one part of the puzzle towards dealing with life off the mat in a better way.

My top tips for your first yoga class

Now, I’m going to share with you my top tips for you if you’re deliberating your first yoga class.

1. Just do it

If your finger is hovering over the “Book Now” button, please press it and come along! You’ll feel instantly welcome at my Clitheroe yoga studio, where you’ll meet new people and be supported through your first practice. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

2. Try more than one class

Yoga is for EVERYONE, but not every class and style of yoga suits every person and mood.

I created our 21-day Intro Pass to encourage you to try different types of classes, settle into the studio space, and find a flow that’s right for you.

3. Keep an open mind

If you’re used to other types of movement, like the gym, running, dance, or fitness classes, yoga may be a huge change for your mind and body.

Keep an open mind. And if you’re not sure which class is right for you, read this blog or email me at for recommendations.

Book your first yoga class

There’s a spot waiting for you in my warm and welcoming Ribble Valley yoga studio – I’d love to see you there.

This is your time – come and make the most of it for your physical and emotional emotional wellbeing.

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