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Which Yoga Class Is Perfect For Me?

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

I often hear "I've tried yoga & I didn't like it"

Which is fair enough, but then i ask "What style of Yoga did you try?"

Dum dum duuuuuuum!

Most people don't even know what class they went too, most assume yoga is yoga. Full stop. But there are so many styles of Yoga (the physical, asana practice) and not every style will suit you, your needs that day & your lifestyle. So try not to base your opinion of yoga on that one or few experiences you've had.

So if you're contemplating giving it another shot, wondering where to start, or perhaps ridiculously confused looking at the "Vanessa Flow Yoga" timetable, I'm going to make it easy so you can work out which Yoga style will be best for you & your energy right now.

TOP TIP: Don't just go off the perfect time, because more than likely you'll disappointed if its not what you came to your mat to do & feel

It's best not to sign up-to a "Yin Yoga" class expecting that feeling like you've worked physically. Vice versa don't commit to a "Vinyasa Flow" class if you are wanting to deeply relax & hardly move at all.

Guaranteed, that might be complete gibberish to you having just realised that class you tried 2 years ago might be Yoga but just not be the perfect Yoga for you.

So here it is...

Let's Flow

My true Yoga love. Movement, music & creativity. So if like me, you like to feel you have worked physically (got a mini sweat on) developed both your strength & mobility & had time to relax, "Vinyasa Flow" is one to try. I personally feel it's the all rounder, but it can be quite physically demanding dependant on what your teacher has planned for you that day. Plus it is always beneficial to have had some prior yoga experience because theres not much time in each posture to refine your alignment & understanding of what you are really meant to be doing.

*So if you are new to Yoga but this sounds a bit of you check out "Beginners Flow"

Yin Yoga

Slow, static & soothing, Yin Yoga is a floor based class where you hold shapes for around 2-5minutes. Supported by bolsters, cushions & props, your primary intention is to safely stress your soft tissue & breathe your way through any sensations or emotions. It's the perfect balance to "Vinyasa Flow" & will have you yawning your head off in 15 mins!

TOP TIP: Try to have a nice balance between both of the above styles, your yin & yang.

Let's Flow Into Yin

So here they are combined together in one class, a nice balance of stillness & movement in one hour. 2 for the price of one! Lovely!

Gentle Yoga

Perfect if you are feeling a little "rusty" and you feel your body could really do with a bit of movement. Ease gently into achey joints, help reduce arthritis & give your body the rest it truly deserves. Inviting this Hatha style of Yoga & gentle, restorative movement into your life will help benefit you as a whole.

A really great option if your joints are starting to ache or you prefer to take things slow & gentle.

Wake-Up Flow

Rise & shine! This class is a traditional styled Yoga class working with sun salutations, to build the heart rate, simple backbends to energise the body & standing balances to find focus for the rest of the day. Similar to a "Vinyasa Flow" class you move & have a lovely opportunity to relax at the end.

Relaxing Flow

It's the end of the day, you're knackered & you've got lots on your mind. You need sometime for yourself & to chill out. In strolls "Relaxing Flow", another one of my personal faves. The class is half movement where you will ease into the full body to release tension from your day & then half relaxation so you can slip into a sleep like state. Just beautiful. Bring a flask of tea, put your cozy socks on & a blanket because it is time to un-wind!

Beginners Flow

So if you think that the "Vinyasa Flow" sounds up your street but you've not really done any yoga before, it's wise to get to grips with the basics.

It still offers that same flow & movement but with more time to understand & work out what feels good in your body. You will learn different postures & breath work so that you'll feel confident flowing into any Vinyasa Flow class.

Pregnancy Yoga

A course tailored for Mums to Be, helping you adapt to your changing body, relieve achy backs & hips. It will also give you the confidence & power to believe in yourself to birth your baby. Pregnancy can often be a stressful time, theres a lot changing & so much to think about, (you are a mum now after all). So classes are calm and relaxed, you get to learn about yourself, connect with baby & meet other mums to be whilst bouncing away on a birthing ball! Whats not to love?

Set in a 6 week block so you see familiar faces & create a bond, check out when the next block starts here

Baby & Me Yoga

It is time to heal & do something for you to regain some energy, strength & most importantly, time to rest.

This class is all about you with baby by your side, watching you relax & hearing your soothing breath. You will work on re-building your pelvic floor, strengthening your abdominals (in a healing way) & loosen up your tight neck & shoulders.


Theres more styles of physical, asana yoga than those listed above. So if theres nothing here that takes your fancy you could search for:

  • Rocket Yoga

  • Asthanga

  • Hot Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Bikram Yoga

  • Restorative

  • Iyengar Yoga

  • Goat Yoga

The list goes on, but on a whole if you are looking to create space, physically or mentally & you want to restore your energy rather than deplete energy, this physical form of yoga has something to offer you.

Try 3 different Yoga styles & discover which class you are more suited too.

They are only 20 Minutes long & can be done at anytime, it's worth exploring!

*PLEASE NOTE: This is not suitable for Pregnant or Postnatal Mums

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