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I'm Vanessa Flow!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hi there yogis or aspiring yogis! I'm Vanessa, Vanessa Faye & I teach Vinyasa Flow= Vanessa Flow (just made sense ha) & I teach yoga within Lancashire & the Ribble Valley.

First of all, thank-you for finding my blog, this is a new venture for me, so if i'm perfectly honest I don't have a clue & i'm not too sure on how it all works but i'm just going to go with the "flow" & write what drifts into my mind and onto the keys!

Where do i! I've been a professional dancer since i was 18, i trained at Preston College on the Professional Dancers & Teachers of Dance Course. Graduating in 2009 i left on my first adventure working onboard NCL Cruise Lines for 6 months, travelling from LA to Alaska, San Francisco & Mexico. The wanderlust travel bug started from there, i since then i have been lucky enough to travel around the world with my dance career, dancing in Bollywood films, German dinner shows, the Grand Prix and in New York. Amongst all of the glitz and glamour of the stage i have taught ballet, tap, modern and various other dance genres for years!

Since2018 i started to feel myself drifting in and out of love with the modern day dance world, it became a very ego centred scene & a place i didn't feel fully comfortable any more. Being "Vanessa the dancer" for most of my life, i felt lost and didn't know which direction to turn or what to do when i started feeling like this and so I found myself at a yoga class. Living in London at the time working for a Canadian brand called Lululemon (amazing but slightly expensive but so worth it leggings) i managed to be able to go to a class at Another space (A beautiful but also very pricey yoga & fitness studio in Covent Garden, London) and from there I found myself on my mat more & more. I loved the contrast between the pressure to be "perfect" in dance, to look, be and act a certain way whereas in yoga you just rock up being you and acknowledge how you feel & how far you want to go that day and it was so refreshing!

Realising the love for the dance industry was quickly running out, i wanted to be able to do something which still kept me active, where i can still wear leggings on a daily basis & bring something to people which may also make them realise they too don't have to be modern day perfect human being. I found myself back at home in Clitheroe Lancashire signing up-to a 200Hr Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher training course at (A lovely hot yoga studio in Penwortham, Preston, well worth a visit!) It was challenging for me in many ways, although i have the confidence teaching from years teaching dance, it was a different way from what i was used too, more verbal explanation & less demonstration & no-one has to look the same in any posture. There were lots of tears(for some reason yoga teacher training is very emotional!), tea & Trikonasana (triangle pose for those who are new to yoga).


And then from there i became Vanessa Flow! I set up my own classes, started teaching in various gyms & studios around Lancashire!

It's just the beginning really for me but i am already loving what i'm doing & i can't wait for the next few months to pan out! So if you live within the Clitheroe/Lancashire area & feel like starting up yoga or want a local yoga class close to home, why not head to my classes page & see if you can make any of my class times! I'd love to see you there!


I've realised i've managed to type quite a lot, is this a normal blog length? Who knows!

Thank-you for taking your time to read my very first blog! I hope it has given you a small insight into me "Vanessa Flow" who I am and what I want to be able to offer you by reading my future blog posts & maybe a sneak peek of what to expect if you come to practice with me on the mat!

All my Love

"The Divine Light in me sees the Divine Light in you"


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1 Kommentar

Well done you Vanessa.... and good luck!! I loved reading about your passed life and ventures... thankyou for sharing it and thankyou as you have opened up a new passage in my life also.

Gefällt mir
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