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10 Things to Expect at your First *Online* Yoga Class

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

It's lockdown, a New Year & a Healthier You! Yoga is the perfect way towards discovering that healthier you but the studios & gyms are closed & its way too cold to attempt doing yoga outside right now. Don't let that stop you, online yoga it is!


The sound of an "online" yoga class can be quite daunting at first but there are so many benefits to yoga at home especially as a beginner:

  • Your in the comfort & safety of your own home

  • The journey time too & from class is significantly reduced

  • No need to feel embarrassed or conscious, theres no one else there!


So what are the 10 things to expect when you've bit the bullet & booked your first online yoga class:


You'll receive a link, wether thats via email or txt & this is your doorway to the online studio. So you just click on that and you'll be directed to your class, i personally hold my classes on zoom so you'll be directed to the "waiting room" or straight into the yoga studio. If your completely new to idea of zoom head HERE to learn more about it

Don't be affraid of being a Beginner


Prior to class why not create an area in your home that is specifically for your yoga practice. Fingers crossed you can find somewhere quiet where you will be undisturbed (We all know that this is never guaranteed) Grab your mat, yoga props (You can be creative and use things from around the home or head to my SHOP to invest in some) Light candles, a blanket & treat yourself, put the heating on!


Set your laptop/ iPad/ phone somewhere you will be able to view it easily. Sometimes having your mat set up parallel to the screen is the easiest way to follow like in the photo here, the teacher will also be able to see your alignment easier to offer tips. If your super fancy you could always get your teacher on your TV!


You'll more than likely be put onto mute after you've had the opportunity to have a catch up! The teacher will probably check everyone in, advise on any props needed & make sure that the audio levels are good and you can hear everything clear. Being on mute means you can feel happy knowing no-one else can hear any moans & groans or the dog barking in the background!


Everyone else will be feeling the same. A little bit unsure, wondering wether this will be easy to follow, conscious of their home, making sure all the washing is away etc But once you get into the online studio you will quickly become used to your home studio & remember everyone else is just as unsure!


You might need music! So you could create a yoga playlist or your teacher might even send you a link to practice along with! I love to play music in my classes & i share my music with you throughout class.


Be careful of whats around you! Dont knock anything over or try not to hurt yourself kicking walls, cupboards, doors etc. You only need a mats shaped space for yoga & walls are often really helpful for balances!


Savasana! The most important part of your practice, relaxing! To a beginner in a studio environment or online this part can be a moment of..."am i doing this right?" "should i still be here?" "oh she's sat up now" But be confident in the knowledge your doing it right! Lying still on the floor & know you will be guided when to start moving!

Savasana is the easiest and most important yoga move because it’s so simple. Lying there is meditative
10 things to expect at your first online yoga class


Make it a routine! Try not to let it become a one hit wonder, yoga takes time and patience. You'll probably already feel some benefit from one class but reversing a lifetime of habits is a long process but it will lead to a healthier you! A course can provide you with that commitment to practicing yoga, your teacher will also get to know your body & where your restrictions are. You'll get to see the same friendly faces week after week & become a little community!


Finally you are at home, life is happening around you so expect to be interrupted! Your yoga practice will never be completely perfect & that applies to being in a yoga studio too. At home you'll slip around on carpet, you will hear the dog barking, the doorbell might go, the kids might join in & your partner might be walking around in the background but It's absolutely fine! If anything it gives you the opportunity to focus on your breath & time on the mat even more & find the fun in it all!


So I hope your feeling a little less apprehensive about your first yoga class online & if you still have more questions to ask, reach out to your future yoga teacher, i'm sure they will be more than happy to help you & settle any remaining worries.

If you'd like to reach out to me personally i'd be more than happy to help!

If your still searching for the ideal class for you why not look into my current Online 6 Week Beginners Yoga Course? You can learn more about it HERE

It's Yoga Practice not Yoga Perfect

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