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My Top Legging Picks

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

The mine field that is leggings... it's surprising to hear but not all leggings are perfect for yoga! You'll find yourself rifling through the racks at Tkmaxx, popping into your nearest DWsports & staring at the bargain set in Primark which will "do for now" but sometimes it isn't always the best purchase long term. Yes, me more than anybody loves a bargain, but if you practice yoga often & you've grown up to appreciate the benefits of quality over quantity, unlike my younger days with ten Primark bags & a McDonalds on the train back from Blackburn, you might me interested to hear my personal recommendations for yoga leggings & what to take into consideration when buying or should i say investing in a pair of leggings. In no particular order:

Price Range:£££

As a former employee of Lululemon(head to my first blog for more background information)I am fortunate enough that the majority of my yoga wear is Lululemon but having said that I am now stuck with the love for all of their clothes and my bank balance is not happy with that! Please note: Fitness instructors of any kind are able to get a discount on "in-store" purchases!

Being the bargain hunter that I am I often head to their "we've made too much" section online, where they have reduced priced items but unfortunately there's not always a full size run of the items available. Another thing to be aware of is that Lululemon is a Canadian brand so all of their sizing is in US sizes, even on the UK website! So feel free to work out what size you need here

So which ones to choose? My top 2 classic Lululemon options are;

  • The Align Pant

  • Wunder Under

Yoga Legging Top Picks
Vanessa Flow Yoga

The Align Pant

Price: Start at £88

This legging is my all time favourite go-to for yoga, pilates & everyday life! Say good bye to see through derrières, constantly pulling up your waistband and tight restricted leggings, these bad boys are heaven!

They are described as a "naked sensation" so feel ridiculously comfortable they are high waisted and now come in a variety of different leg lengths.

Nothing fancy to look at as they normally are in a plain colour with no pattern, but these are a staple and I can guarantee you won't be disappointed and will never want to take them off!

The Wunder Under

Price: Start at £78

Now if your wanting more of a pop, the Wunder under has a variety of patterns, colours and designs. Like the "Align" it comes in different lengths but the Wunder Under also comes in different materials and waistband height.

I have leggings in both the Full-On® Luxtreme fabric & Luon. Full-On® Luxtreme is a silky, tighter hold material and is perfect for hot yoga as they wick sweat more! I personally prefer a less "slippier" legging and would opt for the Luon fabric option which has a soft cotton feel like the ones in the photo here. It's completely down to personal preference and sometimes which funky design you are feeling the most!

Price Range: ££

Price: £45

I stumbled across Yoga Leggs on Instagram, I only have one pair but they are great! They have so many different patterns to choose from and they also have lots of cute yoga jumpers & tops which I'm soon to invest in!

I don't feel they are as high waisted as my Lululemon ones but non the less I still love them! No see through bum, great length and it's nice to support an independent business too!

These are a great mid range investment & a top choice if your wanting to inject some colour & pattern into your yoga wardrobe!I know stock them in my shop & at my studio space head here to have a look!

Autumn Yoga Crescent Lunge
Autumn Yoga

Price Range: ££

Oysho is another fave brand of mine, i have a beautiful yoga & loungewear set from there which i both love. I'm constantly browsing online looking at their new ranges and they often have sales quite regularly!

They have a variety of leggings, so make sure to read the section below for advice on choosing the best pair!


There are so many options for leggings out there including Fabletics, Sweaty Betty or Big sports brands. But these recommendations are from my own personal experience trying, practicing & teaching in them. I trust and don't feel at all worried to recommend these to anyone!!

If your not wanting to invest quite so much in a pair of leggings right now here are My Top Tips when purchasing & choosing yoga leggings:

  • No zips! They hurt when your on your mat

  • Make sure they fit well, after time legging waistbands tend to loosen a tiny bit and that's when you start having to hike them up mid Flow, so make sure they feel snug when you try them on!

  • Fancy pockets, reflective strips, ankle/ waist adjustment things aren't needed in yoga, less is more!

  • Really slippy materials aren't great especially when trying to do binds/ inversions because you cant get a good enough grip!

  • No white, as much as i love the look of a white legging and I do own a pair. You just constantly worry about getting them dirty and underwear shows through!


There you have it folks, this is now my third blog and I would love to receive some inspiration for my next one or hear about your favourite pair of leggings!

Stay safe and keep practicing,



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