Which yoga mat is right for you?

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

So recently i've been asked a lot "which yoga mat do you recommend?" Maybe this is due to the outbreak of coronavirus, who knows! But i thought i'd let you all know my top recommended mats which i have used, both currently & in the past!


Highly Recommend

Having previously worked for the company, I love Lululemon yoga mats! Made from natural rubber they are reversible, amazing grip & wear really well! Some lovely designs & colours too!

Available in different thicknesses and also available in a longer length for men!

They range from £48 upwards (travel mat) & the nearest store for us Lancashire based folk is the Manchester store in the city centre, where you'll be able to view the full range and give one a try or please feel free to have a go on mine!




Now i haven't personally had one but i have many friends who do have one! Just like i love my Lululemon one they love their Liforme mat, slightly dearer, they start from £100!

They have alignment markers on the mat and come with a handy carry bag, which is a lovely added bonus. Amazing grip too and they have many different collections!

These mats are available to buy online or i know they stock them at Trybe yoga studio in Penwortham, Preston!


Flow by Vanessa Yoga Mat

-Highly Recommended

So I have designed these mats, which i feel have the same compatible grip as a Lululemon mat and similar features too a Liforme mat!

At a cheaper and more affordable cost, you also get a carry strap included too!

Made from natural rubber & with an alignment strip they are available in different colours, They are available on my website shop & they will be available at my studio space to buy for a worth while investment!


Obviously mats are readily available from most places these days, tkmaxx being a hotspot, sports shops & even Aldi! However i have found, from past use, that these mats don't provide enough grip for me personally & they do tend to wear quite quickly! So if you are a keen yogi/ germ conscious my advice would be to invest in one of the above mats!

Top Tip:

If you get a rubber mat, my advice would be to clean this down in the shower & air to dry! Essential oil, heavily infused used spray can prevent the mat from keeping its grip!

My mat spray in class is water, carbonate of soda & a bit of lemongrass essential oil for freshness! But please double check with whatever brand you go with for the best advice!

(If you do attend my classes and are still happy just using my mats please feel reassured that my mats are deep cleaned on a regular basis and sprayed down after each class!)

I hope you have found this helpful! And any further questions please feel free to ask, or send me a msg if you'd like to order a mat!

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