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How (and why) to find a yoga style you LOVE

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love - and we believe in showing yourself care and compassion every day of the year.

What better way to do this than finding a yoga style you love this year?

If you’ve tried yoga before and didn’t fall head over heels, that’s OK. It doesn’t mean yoga isn’t for you!

There are many different types of yoga for you to try, and every class and teacher is different.

In fact, yoga is for everyone – it’s simply a case of trying a few classes until you meet your true love.

So, we’ve lovingly put together a blog post to help you explore the various kinds of yoga we offer at Vanessa Flow Yoga Studio in Clitheroe, so you can get to know what’s best for you, your body, and what you want from your practice.

Read on to discover your perfect yoga match!

Yoga if you love to relax

Try: Yin Yoga and Relaxing Flow

If you need some calm in your demanding life, Yin Yoga is the one for you.

Yin Yoga is a floor-based practice where we take it very slowly and focus on holding fewer relaxing postures (asanas) for longer - between two to five minutes per posture.

Come in your cosiest clothing and make the most of comfortable props like cushions and bolsters - yin is all about switching off and enjoying time for deep relaxation in a deeply mediative style of yoga.

The perfect class to inspire a great night’s sleep or bring a pocket of zen into your week!

You could also try a Relaxing Flow class if you’re looking to switch things down a gear and clear your busy brain.

In Relaxing Flow, you’ll spend half the time moving through postures do release tension from the neck, shoulders& back and half the time relaxing with yoga nidra.

The ideal way to destress and show yourself the love you deserve all year round.

Yoga for people who love working up a sweat

Try: Let’s Flow and Warrior Flow

Do you love the feeling of working up a sweat and getting those endorphins flowing?

You’re in the right place, as we have two classes perfect for you.

"Let’s Flow" is a vinyasa yoga practice which sees you flowing through a series of energetic postures designed to build your strength and mobility.

In "Warrior Flow", your teacher will guide you through a set sequence of empowering postures to bring out your inner warrior!

This is another fast-paced class which will challenge you and leave you feeling powerful.

All of our classes are suitable for everyone, so experience isn’t essential - simply be prepared to be challenged more & be a little warmer after these two than some of the others!

Classes to make you feel strong

Try: Barre, Pilates, Beginner’s Flow

Would you love to feel stronger?

We have the perfect range of classes for you.

"Beginner’s Flow" is a fantastic way to feel strong in yourself and your capabilities.

It takes a lot of strength to nail the basic foundations of yoga, so doing the groundwork by mastering a series of signature postures is a great way to build your physical and mental strength.

Did you know we also offer classes like Barre and Pilates?

These are both brilliant ways to get a great workout that focuses on your strength and core.

Barre combines yoga, ballet, and pilates. So, if you fancy a mixture of low impact cardio, strength training, and of course a gentle burn, this is the one for you.

It’s a full-body workout that covers all your major muscle groups, so you’ll definitely feel it the next day!

Meanwhile, Pilates is a physical practice focusing on your core strength. It builds your muscles, improves your stability, and even helps with your posture and flexibility.

A great chance to develop your overall strength!

Yoga to feel happier

Try: Yoga For All, Gentle Yoga, Let’s Flow Into Yin, Beginner’s Flow

Although yoga has countless physical benefits, you may be craving more of the mental impact it can have on your general wellbeing and happiness.

If you’re looking to start yoga to feel more content and peaceful, the good news is we have plenty of classes for you to try.

"Yoga For All" is a nurturing class that welcomes you where you are at on your yoga journey with open arms! Together, we explore a familiar sequence of yoga postures and breathing techniques to unlock your inner peace and leave you with that unmistakable yoga “buzz”.

"Gentle Yoga" is ideal if you’re feeling achy or it’s been a while since you last practised. Show your joints some love and treat your body to mild movement and nourishing rest in this peaceful practice.

"Let’s Flow Into Yin" combines the movement of our flow (or vinyasa) & yin yoga in a class together. The best of both worlds if contentment is top of your self-love list! It's the perfect way to end your week & is a good intro to both styles.

"Beginner’s Flow" is the perfect start to your yoga journey. If you’re craving headspace and want to be kinder to yourself, block out this hour in your calendar and let’s bring some love into your life with fellow beginners all supporting each other.

How to get started with yoga

The best way to get started with your self-love yoga journey is to try a few different classes and see which sets your soul on fire.

Grab your Unlimited 21-day yoga pass and browse the class schedule to see your options. Got a question about any of the classes or types of yoga? Drop us a message on Instagram.

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