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“Yoga isn’t for me”: 8 common yoga myths busted

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

“Yoga isn’t for me”. Ever said or thought that?

We understand because we hear it all the time.

For such a calming and positive activity, it sometimes feels like yoga is one of the most controversial ways to move your body!

In this blog, we’re busting popular yoga myths because – spoiler alert – yoga is

actually for EVERYONE.

I’m not flexible enough for yoga”

Can’t touch your toes, so think yoga’s not the one for you?

Think again. You do not need to be like bendy Susan over here. No one has ever done this in one of our classes.

You’ll develop flexibility during your practice, but there’s certainly no minimum requirement when you begin.

It’s all about listening to YOUR body and exploring what feels good rather than contorting yourself into complicated positions to compete with the person on the next mat.

You’ll be surprised how quickly your flexibility improves when you start practising

yoga and increasing your range of motion.

Are you interested to work on this and see how it enhances your daily life? If so, it’s

“I can’t be bothered with the lying down bit”

You may have been to a yoga class in the past and found yourself bored or restless during the “lying down bit”, also known as savasana.

If you feel it’s a pointless part of the practice because there’s no movement involved, it could be time to enlighten yourself to the incredible benefits of this special posture.

Curious to find out why the lying down part is actually the most important posture of


Read our blog on savasana and discover the physical and mental benefits of giving

in to the stillness and silence.

“Yoga clothes are too expensive”


Come to yoga as you are – no expensive clothing or equipment necessary. While

you can indulge in pricier yoga pants if you wish to and have the budget, you can practise yoga in anything that feels comfortable – whether that’s your trusty gym

pants or your comfy sweatpants.

As long as you feel good, you’re dressed for the occasion.

“I’m not into all that chanting, spiritual stuff”

Often, people worry the spiritual side of yoga isn’t for them, and it puts them off

attending a class.

Have you ever felt like “yoga people” are a different breed or a clique you don’t want to be part of?

First of all, yoga should always be a warm and inclusive space where everyone is welcomed with open arms.

Secondly, yes, yoga has its origins in spirituality, and tapping into this side of it can benefit your mental wellbeing and emotional intelligence (in fact, we often find the people who resist this aspect of yoga need it the most).

However, your yoga experience is uniquely yours, so approach it in your own way,

take inspiration from the parts you like, and keep an open mind about the rest.

If you attend a sound bath event in our studio space, you may experience more

spiritual elements and other classes involve more aspects than others, but there isn’t any chanting in the majority of our classes.

Therefore, please don’t allow any worries of this kind to prevent you from coming

along and trying it for yourself – and if you do have any anxieties about attending

your first class, send us a message and let’s have a chat to calm your nerves.

“Yoga is too easy. I like to work up a sweat”

There are many kinds of yoga, some of which will have you working up a serious

sweat! If you’ve found yoga too gentle and slow in the past, switch it up and try a

different kind of class.

Vinyasa yoga is a series of postures we flow through seamlessly and connect to our breathing, so it can feel energetic and get your heart rate up – you might be surprised how many aches you feel the next day!

Maybe it’s time you joined us at a flow class or Warrior Flow to put this myth to the test?

“Yoga is for young people”

Visit any of our classes, and you’ll soon see this isn’t the case! Our yogis range from

toddlers to retirees, and we love seeing people of all ages and backgrounds attend a

class, make new friends, and leave with a smile on their faces.

If you’re not sure which class would best suit your abilities and goals, drop us an

email or DM any time, and we’d be happy to talk you through the best options for


“I’ve got a bad back, so I can’t do yoga”

Any injury or ailment should be treated with caution. Still, plenty of yoga postures can

actually ease back and neck pain by stretching out your muscles, strengthening your

body, and alleviating the physical and mental effects of stress.

Speak to your yoga teacher before class and let them know about any back pain or

other complaints - they’ll be happy to modify postures or suggest alternative options

to ensure you get the most from your practice.

“Yoga is for women”

Are you a guy who secretly wants to try yoga but worries it’s more for women, or

you’ll be a lone male in your class?

Yoga is for all genders, and men have so much to gain by practising.

While women may naturally be a little more flexible, men can tend to be stronger, so

everyone has areas to work on and develop on the mat. So you’re not in competition

with anyone (including yourself).

Did you know that for hundreds of years and up until the 1930s yoga was a thing for men?

For thousands of years, people have practised yoga and experienced the countless benefits, yet it has been marketed more towards women in modern times.

We think it’s high time we changed this narrative together and we love welcoming men of all ages and abilities into our studio.

If you’re nervous about coming along, don’t be! You’ll receive the friendliest welcome

– and feel free to bring a friend along to enjoy the practice together and encourage

even more guys to join us on the mat and prove yoga is for you!

Book a yoga class and challenge the myths

Has this inspired you to challenge your beliefs about yoga and try it for yourself?

If you’ve written it off in the past, speak to us to explore which class would be right

for you to start your journey with us.

And please give it a few classes before you make your mind up, as it may take your

mind and body time to process this new type of movement and feeling – so keep an

open mind and heart!

We recommend the 21-day yoga pass to explore different classes and find your flow.

Get yours here.

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