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I’m New To Yoga: What Class Should I Go Too?

Updated: Feb 15

New To Yoga: where on earth do you start? With so many options, you may feel overwhelmed. Should you stick to a beginner’s class? Or should you try everything?

Beginner Friendly Classes

If you’re brand new to yoga or returning after a break, a "Beginner" friendly class is a fantastic place to start.

We're using (") because we really dislike titles/levels & believe every class should be welcoming to completely new (those who would class themselves as a beginner) & experienced yogis.

So actually, "beginner’s" yoga is for everyone - no matter how long you’ve been practising.

Know that beginner doesn’t mean easy - it means it’s an environment to simplify postures and ideas to understand them and make the most of what they have to offer you.

That’s the joy of yoga - there’s always more to learn, so we’re all beginners, and everyone benefits from revisiting the foundations. Plus every class is completely different & we all have to start somewhere.

And this is part of the fun, right? It would be boring if it weren’t a challenge!

So, booking a "Beginner" friendly class is an excellent move if you’re eager to try yoga for the first time or after a few years.

But guess what? This isn’t the only option available to you as a newbie.

Can I go to non-beginner classes if I’m new to yoga?

Yes, you absolutely can! Every class at Vanessa Flow Yoga Studio is beginner-friendly because your teacher will always offer different options to suit different abilities and levels.

You might find it more challenging to attend a faster-paced class, like "Let’s Flow" for example.

However, please don’t let this stop you from booking. Because you may love it and wish you’d tried it sooner!

Equally, we have non-yoga classes suitable for all abilities and fitness levels.

Try barre or pilates for something different, and use these classes to complement your yoga practice by building your strength and stamina.

When you find the right studio, you’ll be welcomed into every class and feel comfortable exploring what feels good and joyful for you.

So, we advise new yogis to use your 21-Day Intro Pass to try new things and find your flow - everyone is different, and every class offers something different.

Can you do yoga with no experience?

Yes! Yoga is for everyone. And while different classes might be fast, slow, restorative, thought-provoking and much more, you always have options in every class.

If you’re planning to come along for the first time and have any questions or concerns, please drop us a line so we can reassure you, offer advice, and help you adapt and optimise your experience with us.

We've developed a system which helps guide you into our more "Beginner" friendly classes, the classes marked with a yellow diamond (there's a lot) are what we would class as our friendly classes, approach them all with curiosity & a sense of childish discovery.

This is available to view on our website & reference on our app.

Do I count as a beginner if I’ve done yoga at home?

If you’ve been practising yoga at home using YouTube videos or online classes, it’s still a great idea to try a beginner friendly class at your local studio.

While at-home yoga can be fabulous, there’s nothing like an in-person class for fine-tuning your form and getting feedback and adjustments from your teacher to help you make the most of your practice.

We always recommend trying a beginner friendly class if you’re new to our studio, as well as exploring other classes to make sure you achieve everything you want from yoga. Your teacher will always be able to guide you into other appropriate classes.

How to get started with yoga

Your yoga journey awaits you - we’re so excited to see you on the mat!

Book onto your first class - whether that’s a beginner friendly class or one of our many other class options - and let’s take it from there.

This is your time, and you can take it at your own pace - you’re in charge of your own body, after all, and only you know what feels right for you.

Read our blog - The Ultimate Guide To Your First Yoga Class - for more tips and advice if you’re getting started.

Our 21-Day Intro Pass is the best way to try out our Clitheroe yoga studio for the first time.

Browse the schedule and book onto as many classes as you can during those 21 days to explore, familiarise yourself with your teachers and fellow yogis, and start to connect with yourself, your practice, and your yoga community.

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