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Our House Rules

Updated: Feb 17

“Vanessa Flow Yoga studio is committed to help modern people discover freedom & happiness through movement & wellbeing classes that are always welcoming & encouraging”

Our studio continues to welcome the most beautiful people. Kind, friendly & completely normal people who all have one thing in common…the desire to feel happier & healthier within themselves.

We are doing that & we are making a difference. Complete strangers leave with a new acquaintance, someone they can smile at & feel acknowledged by within a class or maybe across the isle whilst doing your weekly food shop.

Yoga literally means union & for us all to be on the same page & to have equal respect for one another there needs to be specific “house rules” in place.


Vanessa Flow Yoga House Rules

(Incorporating the Yamas & Niyamas)

The Yamas (Attitudes towards the world) & Niyamas (Attitudes toward self) are part of the eight limbs of Yoga.

An ancient manual/ map which guides you towards discovering inner & outer peace. We are drawing from Patanjalis Yoga sutras to help create our house rules & personal code here at "Vanessa Flow Yoga Studio". Please take a few moments to become familiar with them:



  • Always be kind, friendly & welcoming to other community members.

Asteya (Non-stealing)

  • Stealing of time. 2 Hour Cancellation policy! A last minute cancellation or no show presents a missed opportunity for other community members who may have wanted to sign up for class. Please be courteous to other members;

  • Enter with & leave with your own belongings, don't take what isn't yours.

Aparigraha (Non-Greed)

We make it clear when booking a class, buying a class pass or membership of the policies in place. You have made a commitment to you & our studio. Honour our simple house rules & don’t take it for granted or ask for more than is required of us as a business.

Buddy Passes are to be used for friends who have expressed their interest to join the studio & would like to experience one of our classes. They are not to be used excessively for other reasons.


Saucha (Cleanliness)

  • We promise to keep the studio a clean & safe environment;

  • Please make sure to take off shoes in the reception areas & only have bare feet/ yoga socks in the studio;

  • All studio mats used are to be cleaned before putting it back in its rightful place. If you are unsure please ask the teacher our another community member.

Tapas (Discipline)

  • Be on time, be early! We make the studio available 15mins prior to Yoga classes & 10 mins before barre or pilates for you to enter & arrive calmly;

  • Do not disturb & steal others peace by showing up late;

  • You can view our full cancellation policy when booking, on your confirmation email & here

Cancellation Policy:

We understand that plans change and you may need to cancel a class. This is no problem at all and all we ask for 2 HOURS minimum notice period should you need to do this.

A cancellation is considered late when a class is cancelled less than 2 hours before the class time. A no-show is when a client misses a class without cancelling.

In the event of this happening more than 2 times within a one month period, a late cancellation fee/ no show fee will be automatically deducted from your card on file.

We hope you understand our belief in having a clear, simple to understand cancellation policy to help avoid confusion and form clear boundaries.


We are committed to adapting & updating our rules regularly, however please make sure you are aware of the house rules above & apply them to your practice. Let them become a habit.

We will always be understanding. Being kind & welcoming are two of our core values at our studio.

Thank-you for being here & welcome to our community.

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